Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Tony Labrusca Answers Questions About His Sexuality

Tony Labrusca in Pink Suit
Image: Tony Labrusca

“I don’t identify myself as a homosexual. But I don’t think that matters anymore.” - Tony Labrusca on rumors about his sexuality.

Tony Labrusca has tackled the persistent rumors that he is gay in a video he uploaded on his YouTube channel.

Labrusca began by admitting that he’s “frustrated” over these rumors, explaining that it meant that people were talking more about whether he’s gay or not rather than his “capabilities” as an actor.

“It makes me feel like no amount of work or accomplishments that I’ve done – I feel it gets undermined,” he said.


Beyond that, he is not bothered with people making such an assumption noting, “I actually like that.”

“You know at the end of the day whether people like or not, whether it comes to who you’re dating, whether it comes to your sexuality, you know, the truth is always behind closed doors and so I love when people make these type of assumptions about me because it means people are intrigued by me at the end of the day,” he explained.

He then went on to say that he doesn’t identify himself as gay. “I don’t identify myself as a homosexual. But I don’t think that matters anymore,” he conceded.

“Even if I said I wasn’t gay, the people who think I am gay are going to keep on believing that I’m gay. There is nothing I can do that would change their mind because they think that I dated this person, or they think that I had sex with this person because this tabloid said that. So, that’s out of my control, you know what I mean?” The same goes, he said, for when he hypothetically admits to being gay.

“Let’s say, if I did say I was gay, some people still wouldn’t believe me, or some people would still hate me. They would say I’m doing it for attention, or they’ll say I’m queerbaiting. Or some people would be, like, ‘O, sabi ko na nga ba, e.’ And then people would end up hating me.”

He concludes by saying: “So my point is, whatever I say, whatever I do, whatever I identify as, it doesn’t matter. There are still gonna be people that hate me, because I’m me.” 

Labrusca most recently starred in “Hello, Stranger,” a hit BL (boys’ love) series.

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