Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Heart Evangelista To Put Out Her Unreleased Songs From 2005 Album

Image: Heart Evangelista 

Kapuso star just revealed in an exclusive interview with GMA Network that she will be releasing new songs soon, all of which she produced back in 2005.

Heart Evangelista is releasing never-before-heard music she produced all the way back in 2005. 

In an interview with her network, GMA, when she asked what makes her decide to put out unreleased songs from an album she produced all the way back in 2005, she said:

"It started with this pandemic, actually. I was going through my boxes of memories, and there's a whole lot of boxes of different things in my life, and I came across my album, which was produced back in 2005. And I had favorite songs that I never really released, and nobody really heard." 

"I think I was 21 when I did that and that was such a good time in my life. And I thought that, you know, I want to release it. I want to share it, and this is just her way of sharing "little sparkles of my happiness" with other people, and doesn't mind if it's not for everyone." She added.

Despite it being produced 15 years ago Heart doesn't think it sounds "like 2005." 

"It sounds now. It's not dated," she said.

Heart divulged that there are originally five songs in the unreleased album, but she's not quite sure yet how many she will release and whether they will be available in audio streaming platforms. She has yet to announce the release date for the songs. 

While we're waiting for Heart's music comeback, you might want to listen to her debut album titled, "Heart" on Spotify below that was released in 2003 with the lead single, "Love Has Come My Way". Produced by Star Records.

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