Friday, September 4, 2020

Ben&Ben Announces Official Name For Their Fandom After K-Pop Fans Urge Them To Change

Image: Ben&Ben

OPM Band, Ben&Ben change their fandom name, from "Lights" to "Liwanag".

On Friday (September 4), Ben&Ben took to social media to announce its new and official fandom name, "Liwanag".

Their caption reads: "Liwanag"is the new, official fandom name of Ben&Ben! we have heard your suggestions. we want to honor our Filipino heritage. higit sa lahat, kayo ang Liwanag namin  @bb_liwanag #BenAndBenLiwanagFandom"

The band suspends their first fandom name choice, "Lights" right after announcing it to their social media accounts as there's already an existing K-Pop group using the same name for their fans.

"hello. we have decided to suspend our fandom name "Lights" until further notice, as many have informed us that there is already an existing K-pop fandom with the same name. we apologize for the confusion and dismay that this has caused to the parties involved." 
"furthermore, we truly did not realize that it may cause trouble being that Ben&Ben is an OPM band from the Philippines. we hold high respect for K-pop culture and K-pop fandoms. The band management will settle this matter immediately."

Prior to announcing the fandom name Lights, Ben&Ben showed an interest in the world of K-Pop on their ongoing online series BBTV, where they played covers of K-Pop songs from BTS, Seventeen, EXO, NCT DREAM, Red Velvet, and more.

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