Saturday, August 15, 2020

WATCH: Gabbi Garcia, Janine Teñoso Remake Their Viral High School ‘California King Bed’ Cover

Image: Janine Teñoso and Gabbi Garcia

Kapuso Star, Gabbi Garcia and Singer, Janine finally remake their cover of Rihanna's hit song, 'California King Bed' from 8 years ago after the video went viral on social media. 

Teñoso and Garcia’s original cover, taken back in 2012, shows the two jamming inside a seemingly empty classroom. The cover, which Teñoso joked was dedicated “for California,” was uploaded to YouTube on Feb. 29, 2012, by the channel idioteez609.

Fans couldn't hide their adorable reactions after seeing the video of baby Gabbi and Janine singing Rihanna song, making them to request a 2020 version of the cover from the two great artists today.

Watch the video:

Good thing, Janine and Gabbi heard their fans and the two made an announcement on their social media accounts.

“Our [California King Bed] cover when we were in [high school] suddenly went viral on [YouTube] and a lot of people requested a remake. @gabbi and [I] heard y’all so yes our remake is out now on my [YouTube] channel!” Teñoso posted on Instagram yesterday, Aug. 14.

“So funny how fast time flies but [I’m] glad to witness the growth of the people [I’m] surrounded with. [Thank you Gab] for agreeing to do this with me. [Always] blessed by your life,” the singer added.

Garcia also shared the news with her followers via Instagram yesterday, noting that she and Teñoso indeed studied in the same school back then.

“Last week, our cover from 8 years ago when we were still in 1st year HS (yes, we were classmates) blew up on Youtube lol. So, here’s the remake!!” the actress said.

“It’s up on @janinetenoso’s youtube channel! Enjoy [heart emoji] Proud of you always, Ten! Love you,” she added.

Upon seeing her younger self singing the 2010 Rihanna hit with Teñoso, Garcia could only comment: “OMG WHYYYYY HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA.”

In the 2020 version, which uploaded yesterday on Teñoso’s YouTube channel, the two reprised their original parts with Teñoso back on the guitar minus the uniform of course.

The video now has 65,999 views and #33 on Youtube trending list as of writing this blog. 

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