Friday, July 31, 2020

Thai BL Series, 'Still 2gether' Trailer Is Here! - Watch

Image: Bright Vicharawit and Win Metawin of 'Still 2gether' Thai Series

The highly-anticipated trailer of one of the successful Thai BL Series, 'Still 2gether' is out now!

After the release of Bright's cover of "With a Smile" for Still 2gether PH' theme song, GMMTV decided to release also the trailer of the series on the same day.

Watch now:

Description based on the uploaded official trailer of Still 2gether:
"After Tyne and the inspector overcome the obstacles that are waiting to be separated. Until finally able to be together The story seems to end like Happy Ending, but it's actually just the beginning. Of the next test checkpoint To come in between them again, "Tyne" and "Inspector" during their 2nd year of life seem to be full of love and warmth to each other. But chaos happened When Pimdim, who graduated, assigned the inspector to be president of the music club after him. Phaeng also asked Tyne to be the president of the cheerleading club as well. Now, the music club room and the cheerleading club Then moved to the adjacent room Causing the sound of practice from the two clubs to strike each other often causing clashes even the couple of the captain, mil, man, type, dim, green Including friends like Boss, Prae, Fong, Om, Earn was also affected by the quarrel between the two clubs. When the responsibility in contrast to love Will they sustain this love forever?"

'Still 2gether' The Series, Every Friday at 21:30 on GMM25 and rerun at 23:00 on LINETV. Starting this 14 August 2020.

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