Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Former Beauty Queen, Janina San Miguel interviews in Undercover Asia's 'The Ugly Truth Behind the Beauty Crown'

Image: Janina San Miguel

“If I have the chance to go back to the past, I wish I never joined the pageant,” said this former beauty queen, Janina San Miguel during the interview with Undercover Asia on Saturday, June 6, 2020.

In a recent interview with the programme Undercover Asia, she broke her silence on her experience with sexual propositions, social isolation and the strict controls enforced by contest organisers, all of which resulted in her surrendering her title.

“I got so many (offers). We were offered a 3 million peso (S$84,000) contract for a one-night stand,” she recalled. “Someone offered me 25 million pesos to be his girlfriend.
“This is how the dark side of pageantry works. There are so many people who want a beauty queen to be their girlfriend or their wife.”

When beauty queen San Miguel was training for the Miss World contest, she was unprepared for the enforced isolation and the organisers’ strict controls. She was cooped up in a theatre and not allowed to have a phone, computer or any devices with her, nor any contact with the outside world, including her relatives, for three months.

The organisers did not even want to tell her about her grandfather. “They were planning not to tell me that he was dying because I was in the middle of training. They didn’t want me to get distracted,” she said.

Watch this episode of Undercover Asia here:

Janina San Miguel was 17 years old when she won one of the Philippines’ most sought-after beauty crowns in 2008 and was set to represent the country in the Miss World contest.

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