Friday, May 29, 2020

Britney Spears Surprises Fans With New Song From 2016 Album

Image: Britney Spears

Surprise! Britney Spears just announced new music from her 2016 album, 'Glory'.

On Friday, May 29, Britney Spears took a quick break from gyms to release "Mood Ring (By Demand)", a song produced by DJ Mustard off of her 2016 album Glory that was only available on the Japanese deluxe version of the LP.

“Repurposed this since we didn’t use it: You folks wanted a new album cover ….. ta da there you go,” wrote Spears in a tweet filled with emojis. “What was requested next is out now….. I hope you turn #MoodRing up sooooooo loud!!!!" Spears wrote.

After her fans got Glory to No. 1 on Itunes pop chart earlier this month, Spears decided to grace them with a new album cover.

#JusticeForGlory became a popular hashtag on Twitter, May 4 after Britney's fans made her album 'Glory' no. 1 on iTunes.

She also made a video on the same day to thank everyone for making the album no. 1 after 4 years of release.

Listen now to 'Mood Ring (By Demand)' by Britney Spears below.

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