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13 Reasons Why: Season 4 Deets And All Previous Seasons Recaps, Posters, And Trailers

13 reasons why
Image: Netflix Series - 13 Reasons Why

Get ready to bust out your cassette tape player for a breath of nostalgia: The fourth and final season of “13 Reasons Why” will launch June 5, Netflix announced Monday.

Before we give you all the deets about the final season, Let's go back from season 1 to season 3 for a refresher. For those who are not aware of this show, 13 Reasons Why is an American web television series. It is a mystery teen drama based on a novel by Jay Asher. This series is about a teenage girl, Hannah Baker who commits suicide. Hannah records a box of tapes giving the thirteen reasons why she decides to end her life.

Netflix Series 13 Reasons Why
Image: Netflix Series - 13 Reasons Why


Clay is a good friend of Hannah and he has a huge crush on her. The series begins with Clay Jensen receiving the box of tapes and then he starts listening to them one by one. The box of tapes consists of 7 tapes where each side of the tape has a story about the person who is one of the reasons why Hannah makes the decision of ending her life. 

Image: Netflix Series - 13 Reasons Why: Season 1

The order of the tapes are as follows:

Tape 1: 
  • side A: Justin 
  • side B: Jessica Davis
Tape 2:
  • side A: Alex Standall
  • side B: Tyler Down
Tape 3:
  • side A: Courtney Crimsen
  • side B: Marcus Cole
Tape 4:
  • side A: Zach Dempsey
  • side B: Ryan Shaver
Tape 5:
  • side A: Justin Foley
  • side B: Sheri Holland
Tape 6:
  • side A: Clay Jensen
  • side B: Bryce Walker
Tape 7:
  • side A: Mr. Porter

Watch the official trailer/recap of 13 Reasons Why: Season 1

See all the character posters from 13 Reasons Why: Season 1


The second season of the Netflix series continued to explore those topics by following Liberty High students as they deal with the aftermath of Hannah's death — as well as their own traumas — and try to move on with their lives. The primary focus is the Bakers’ (Kate Walsh and Brian d'Arcy James) lawsuit against the school, which claims Liberty took a blind eye to the bullying Hannah faced and failed to respond to warning signs of her suicidal ideation. Meanwhile, Clay and his classmates have another mystery to solve when mysterious Polaroid pictures surface that suggest the school’s baseball team is responsible for serial sexual assaults.

Image: Netflix Series - 13 Reasons Why: Season 2

Watch the official trailer/recap of 13 Reasons Why: Season 2

See all the character posters from 13 Reasons Why: Season 2


In season 3, Hanah’s character did not return. New faces were introduced. However, like the previous seasons, this season did not receive a positive response at all. Season three is set after eight months of season 2. The fans are very much aware of Tyler’s plight at the end of season 2. In this season, Clay and his friends are trying to cope up with the cover-up of Tyler’s situation.

13 Reasons Why Season 3
Image: Netflix Series - 13 Reasons Why: Season 3

Meanwhile, everyone is helping him to recover from that trauma. But the most interesting turn of events that took place in this season is the death of Bryce Walker. Even in the trailer, who is the murderer of Bryce raised a lot of curiosity.

Image: Bryce Walker of 13 Reasons Why: Season 3
The students of Liberty High School are once again under scrutiny to find the truth about Bryce’s death. All of them are really scared as the investigations might disclose their deepest, darkest secrets.

Watch the official trailer of 13 Reasons Why: Season 3

See all the character posters from 13 Reasons Why: Season 3

Finally, we're down on Season 4! Here's everything you need to know:

Netflix's 13 Reasons Why, season four will be the controversial show's final season as per the showrunner, Brian Yorkey's interview on Entertainment Weekly.

Dylan Minnette on 13 Reasons Why: Season 4

13 Reasons Why season 4 release date on Netflix: When will it air?

We finally have a date for the final season of 13 Reasons Why. The show's official Twitter account shared an emotional video of the cast which revealed that the launch date for the "final goodbye" is Friday, June 5.

The clip gave us a glimpse of some of the faces that viewers have come to know and love, including Dylan Minnette (Clay Jenson), Brandon Flynn (Justin Foley) and Alisha Boe (Jessica Davis), who tearfully told the camera: "I will never forget this experience".

Season four will be the shortest yet, with ten episodes.
"It served the story better, and 10 episodes ended up being the sweet spot for us," Yorkey told EW. "I think 10 episodes is a nice length for a season.
"I was adamant going into season two that it had to be 13 because the show's called 13 Reasons Why and if I'm a young viewer, I'm like, '13 reasons why but there's only 10 episodes.'
"But at this point, heading into season four, it was like, "We've given them 39 reasons why at least, so I feel like we can say, yes the show is still called 13 Reasons Why, this season is 10 episodes."
He added: "It's the right number, you'll see that when we get to the end."

13 Reasons Why season 4 trailer: When can I watch it?

Here's the season four trailer in full, which reveals the new challenges that the characters will face, as well as some surprising returns along the way.

13 Reasons Why season 4 cast: Who's in it?

Bryce (Justin Prentice) did pop up in the season four trailer, so we're obviously going to see a number of flashbacks featuring him. That could also be the case for Hannah as well.

As for the others, Clay (Dylan Minnette), Justin (Brandon Flynn), Jessica (Alisha Boe), Tony (Christian Navarro), Alex (Miles Heizer), Tyler (Devin Druid), Zach (Ross Butler) and Winston (Deaken Bluman) will all play a part.

See below all the official character posters for the Season 4:

13 Reasons Why season 4 plot: What will happen?

The official synopsis for season four reads as follows: "In the series' final season, Liberty High School’s Senior Class prepares for graduation. But before they say goodbye, they’ll have to keep a dangerous secret buried and face heartbreaking choices that could impact their futures forever."

There are many questions left to explore before it finishes for good, including Will Winston uncover the truth about the gang's cover-up? It seems likely given that he knows Monty didn't kill Bryce because he was with him at the time. But he doesn't know who did. Then again, he might just decide to leave it. There aren't crowds of fans baying for #JusticeForMonty.

The fourth and final season of “13 Reasons Why” will be available to stream on Netflix, June 5.

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