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The Best Cover Songs of Tori Kelly On Her Quarantine Music Live Stream Show

Image: Tori Kelly

In case you haven't heard the show, The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, Tori Kelly is doing a daily music Instagram live show, titled "QuaranTea With Tori' that features surprise guest artists like Alessia Cara and JoJo. The show was filled with raw acoustic performances much like what she's doing on Youtube prior she rose to fame.

The daily live stream show started at the beginning of April after her 'Inspired By True Events' tour joined the list of concert tour cancellations amid the on-going threat of COVID-19. Anyway, to give you a snippet of the show, watch the week 1 recap of Quarantea with Tori ft. Jessie J, Alessia Cara, JoJo, and more below:

Now that you watch the week one recap, here are the 10 best cover songs of Tori Kelly on the daily music live stream show:

1. Mariah Carey Medley - Tori Kelly's music has an influence of RnB, so it's not surprising if she sings some of the RnB songs like Mariah's no. 1 hit, We Belong Together, Touch My Body, and Hero.

2. Reflections from Disney 'Mulan' Movie - No doubt, this girl is a Disney Princess! If you fall in love with her rendition of 'Colors of the Wind' from the movie Pocahontas on Disney Family Singalong, then ready your heart again to this Reflections cover.

3. My Heart Will Go On By Celine Dion - This cover will give you a major Titanic 1997 movie nostalgic feeling! Definitely, one of the best versions of Celine Dion's classic hit. 

4. Halo By Beyonce - OK, we all know that Beyonce is on another level, but admit it, Tori Kelly gives justice to this song! So move aside, The winner of  Tik Tok 'Halo' challenge is this girl.

5. Paramore Medley - I usually feel disappointed by Paramore covers, but Tori Kelly is the only exception. If you're truly Paramore fans, you will approve this cover. 

6. Love on the Brain By Rihanna -  Can you believe? She made this one of Rihanna's ballad to a more soulful version. We have no choice but to stan!

7. Right There By Ariana Grande - This is not the first time that Tori Kelly made a cover of this song. Back in 2014, Tori performed this song acoustically on MTV "Artist to Watch Live" with Ariana Grande's surprise duet. Fans can't really wait for Tori and Ariana collaboration to happen now that we all knew they have the same manager, Scooter Braun

8. I’m With You & Breakaway (Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson) - This is by far the most incredible mash-up she did on the show. A true immaculate performance.

9. Only Hope By Mandy Moore - If there's a sequel to a Walk to Remember movie, Tori Kelly will be a good fit for a role as she's like a Mandy Moore of today's generation. Their voice is both angelic! Just saying. 

10. Chandelier By Sia - Sia's Chandelier is one of the hardest songs to pull-off because duh, it's like a vocal suicide. But look Tori, she can still belt it out in an acoustic jam session. Iconic.

And there you have it. The best 10 song covers of Tori Kelly on "Quarantea with Tori" daily music live stream show. You can catch the show daily, from Sunday to Friday on her Instagram account: @torikelly.

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